Why is hydroponics suitable for rooftops?

Hydroponics is suitable for rooftops for several reasons:

1) Lightweight: Hydroponic systems use lightweight materials like PVC pipes or plastic containers for growing plants, which are perfect for rooftops as they do not add significant weight to the building.

2) Space utilization: Hydroponics allows for efficient use of space as plants can be grown vertically, taking up less space than traditional soil-based farming methods.

3) Water conservation: Hydroponics allows for precise control of water use, reducing wastage and therefore conserving water.

4) Minimal soil usage: Hydroponic systems do not require traditional soil use, making them a viable option for rooftops where soil is not available or is difficult to transport.

5) Reduced pests and diseases: Hydroponics can reduce the risk of pest and disease infestations as plants are grown in a controlled environment, reducing the need for pesticides and other chemicals.

Overall, hydroponics is an efficient and sustainable solution for rooftop farming.