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Smart Mini Greenhouses for Rooftops

Mini Greenhouses

What are mini greenhouses?

The mini greenhouses of Topharvest are small self sustainable greenhouses ideal for growing salads and vegetables in the urban environment. They come with pre-installed solar panels that generate electricity for the greenhouse as well as for charging a range of small devices and batteries.

They are super easy to install on rooftops or gardens and provide plenty of features that make farming effordless even for beginners!

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Why we need Mini Greenhouses in our houses?

Be Efficient

The design includes self-ventilation, climate control and smart self-watering system for maximum efficiency with the least efford.

Boost environmental education

Installing a Mini Greenhouse in your rooftop will make your family familiar with growing plants, growing conditions, and the environment, and while learning about the technology involved.

Produce Energy

The easy to use solar panel not only keeps the greenhouse at peek performance but also generates clean energy for your devices

More than a weekend project

With a strong aluminium structure, twin-wall polycarbonate walls for great light transmission and temperature control, automated lifting roof, and a high-tech smart control system.

Create a community

Our goal is to create a growing community of urban farmers who share knowledge and work to make our cities greener together!

3 seasons support

Our corrent design allows farming throughtout spring, summer and autumn, but we are working to make farming sustainable all year round

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About Top Harvest

We are a team of students and teachers based in Kilkis Northern Greece with a vision to make our cities Greener and more sustainable!

We use technology to innovate and educate people how to use it to improve their everyday life.