customers for small smart solar greenhouse on top roofs in cities can also produce electrical energy 

The customers for small smart solar greenhouses on top of roofs in cities that produce electrical energy are diverse and can include:


City dwellers: These greenhouses provide access to fresh, locally-grown produce, which is a growing trend among urban consumers who are seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and support sustainable agriculture.


Building owners and developers: Rooftop greenhouses can be a valuable addition to new and existing buildings, adding value through their ability to generate clean energy and provide a unique amenity for residents or tenants.


Restaurants and food service providers: These businesses can benefit from having a reliable source of fresh produce, while also reducing the carbon footprint associated with importing food from far-off locations.


Community organizations and governments: Community gardens and greenhouses can help to foster a sense of community and provide educational opportunities for city dwellers. Governments can also support the growth of rooftop agriculture as a means of promoting sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint of cities.


Investors: Rooftop greenhouses offer a unique investment opportunity, combining food production with clean energy generation. With the growing trend towards sustainable agriculture and renewable energy, these greenhouses can provide a valuable return on investment.


Overall, small smart solar greenhouses on top of roofs in cities have the potential to serve a wide range of customers and play a role in shaping the future of urban agriculture and energy generation.